Royal Icing Flowers

I recently whipped up some cupcakes for a potluck event and wanted to make them interesting. I didn’t have much time to spend experimenting – I have a new baby after all – so I tried something quick and simple.  Flower decorations made of royal icing!

Specifically, Swirl Drop Flowers:

1. Using my royal icing recipe (tutorial here) I created a stiff consistency and coloured it blue. I prepped my piping bag with icing tip 2D and spread out a sheet of parchment paper to work on.
2. Holding the bag upright (90 degrees) I held the tip just slightly above the paper and turned my hand 1/4 turn while squeezing out the icing. Getting the flowers right took some practice, so I only kept the best looking ones.
3. I placed an edible pearl in the center of each flower and let them dry overnight.
4. Once they dried I stored them in a plastic container until I was ready to decorate my cupcakes.
I loved that I could make these in advance. I could see myself making a few different types of flowers in a variety of colours and storing them so I always had something on hand to decorate my cupcakes or cakes with if I wanted to do some last minute baking.
And voila, I think these flowers add a little something to otherwise simple cupcakes:

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