Nerds Filled Pinata Cake Tutorial

Happy Birthday to my Husband, Cam! We normally celebrate Cam’s birthday along with several others at a cottage (check out previous birthday cakes here) over the May long weekend, but this year we were at home. I made a cake inspired by his favorite candy – Nerds.

But this wasn’t a regular cake. This was a pinata cake! Filled with his favorite candy. What a surprise when he cut into it!

So how did I do it?

Step 1 – Baking and Cutting the Cake

  • Bake a regular cake. I chose Red Velvet, one of Cam’s favorites. Any size will do, but it needs to be tall enough to be able to fill, while still having actual cake to eat. I baked three small round cakes, but only used some of it.
  • Use a sharp knife (or cake leveler) to level the first cake for the bottom layer.
  • Cut a thick slice from your second cake – this will be the top of your cake.
  • Level a third cake layer, and use a knife to cut out a circle in the center, being careful to leave a large edge, a minimum of 3 cm around the outside.
If your cakes are thick enough, you can use only two layers, hollowing out half of one layer and using the other half of the layer to top the cake. My cakes were only 1.5 inches high, so I needed the third cake to work with.
Step 2 – Assembling and Filling the Cake
  • Ice the top of the bottom layer and place the hollowed out piece on top. It will look like this:
  • Fill the hole with the candy of your choice. Of course, I used nerds. Be careful in choosing your filling, it needs to be small enough to easily cut through. Once filled, it will look like this:
  •  Ice the top of the second layer, and add the third layer of cake to top the cake.

Step 3 – Decorate the Cake! 
You can decorate the cake however you wish. I used a rainbow of colors to match the nerds. To do that:

  • Make a batch of icing (I used cream cheese icing) and divide it by the number of colors you want to make. In my case, I had 5 bowls – white, blue, orange, pink, and yellow.
  • Use any of the icing to crumb coat the cake. This means spreading a thin layer over the tops and sides of the cake (I used the white for this).
  • Wrap approximately 1/3 of a cup of each icing colour in saran wrap (like a sausage, they should be long and thin) and twist the ends of the saran wrap tightly. Tie one end of the saran wrap in a knot.
  • Gather all your saran wrapped colors together and cut the non-tied ends of the saran wrap before carefully dropping them into a decorating / piping bag.
Note: I don’t have photos of this process, which are really helpful. Google the plastic-wrap method for rainbow icing for a few other tutorials. Next time I make it I will remember to photograph the steps! 
  • Use the piping tip of your choice to decorate the cake. I used a star tip and made overlapping circles around the whole cake. I then topped it with more Nerds!
The finished cake!
The messy (but fun!) half-eaten cake

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  2. Alyssa June 19, 2013 at 11:56 am Reply

    This cake looks amazing! Very cool!

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