Water Sensory Bag

Babies love new things. At least Jack does. While he’ll play with his toys, there’s a sense of curiosity and wonder when he explores something new. In a small condo on a small budget, I don’t like to keep adding to his “toy” collection. Jack prefers real life objects to plastic toys anyway. That’s why I try to introduce him to objects as they come and go from our house. Some people might call that empty box “garbage”.. but I prefer to call it a temporary toy.

Inspired by this pin, I created a fun home made sensory bag filled with water and various objects I came across, including pasta, a spoon, plastic lid, coins and a teething toy:


I reinforced the ziploc bag seams with packing tape and gave it to the little man, who concentrated on it for awhile:

photo (2)

This was more of an “interesting” toy than a “fun” make-me-giggle toy.

After about an hour of playing with it off and on, the bag ripped and started leaking. I’ve heard that using freezer-bags make them more durable, and I probably could have put softer and smaller things in the bag. Oh, and cut Jack’s razor sharp finger nails. I’m sure that would have helped too.

Overall, well worth the 3 minutes it took to make!

Here’s a video clip of Jack playing with it:

Water Sensory Bag Video

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