Halloween Cookies

I’m not the only one inspired by Pinterest! My friend Amy came up with this (p)inspired cookie project – injured Gingerbread Men! The night before a big Halloween party she came over and we spent hours baking and decorating these cookies.


We had entirely too much fun thinking up new ways to mutilate these characters. I’m especially impressed with Amy’s exposed bones, which took the injuries to the next level.

I also tried out a new cookie cutter to make these cool bats and used sprinkles to add dimension.


Finally, some classic jack-o-lantern pumpkin cookies:


And just for fun, Amy and I dressed up super-hero-style as Chun Li and Wonder Woman for the party!

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  1. celia ferguson November 10, 2013 at 7:03 pm Reply

    Such talents, I had no idea!

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