Elf on the Shelf Calendar Template

It’s almost time for Finnigan – our Elf on the Shelf – to reappear for the season. I’ve been busy pinning all sorts of ideas and its time to execute. As busy parents of a nearly one-year-old, it will be easy to get overwhelmed by the daily chore of setting up the Elf, which totally defeats the purpose and the fun of it.

So, being the planner I am, I’ve made a calendar.

Elf Calendar

Jack is too young to appreciate the Elf, so like last year, it’ll be Cam and I entertaining each other. To make it fun, I’ve sent him the calendar template and assigned him red/odd days while I get green/even days. Let the Elf-battle of most ingenious placement begin!

This also means I only have to come up with half the ideas. (Bonus!)

Download the Elf on the Shelf Calendar Template for yourself then head on over to my Elf Shenanigans Pinterest Board and be inspired!

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