Tutorial: Ninja Turtle Cookies

Ninja Turtles These Ninja Turtle Birthday Favours challenged my skills, let me tell you. In order to get the level of detail, I needed to outline each section. That involved a tiny #1 tip, which has been the source of my frustration since I started decorating cookies.

Me and my #1 tip have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship. It makes such a beautiful thin line, and creates such detail … for about 30 seconds until it clogs up. I’ve tried all sorts of tricks, sifting my icing sugar, etc. without avail. I’d all but given up on small tips until this cookie order came in. I faced my fears, did some research – and found a solution!!

Pushing the icing through a clean, never-been-worn, nylon stocking.

Mind. Blown. 

It worked! See instructions here, along with other tips to prevent clogging.

So, I started off by free-hand sketching the Ninja Turtle details with an edible marker (this is where a Kopykake Projector would really come in handy, and why it’s on my wish list). Some came out better than others, but with practice and some inspiration images from the internet, I had some workable cookies.

photo 1

I then used my nylon-stocking-strained black royal icing and #1 tip to cover my outline, and fill in the mouth and eyes. Look at those smooth lines, it was so easy to work with!!

photo 3

From there I added the whites of the eyes and the red tongues:

photo 1 copy

Next, I added the green:

photo 2 copy

And finally, each of the coloured masks:

photo 3 copy

Finished product!

photo 4 copy

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