Elmo & Cookie Monster

Elmo and Cookie Monster to celebrate a first birthday – can it get any better? My kitchen was recently taken over by these adorable cookies and cupcakes:

2014-08-08 22.45.55First, Elmo! I used freehand to trace the outline and mouth, then filled the eyes and nose, and finally the red.

2014-08-07 06.44.12Then, I worked on Cookie Monster. Again, free-handing the outline and flooding the blue and white, adding the crazy eyes once the white had a chance to dry.

2014-08-08 16.27.52

Oh, yes. I store my cookies in the oven. I am constantly reminding my husband not to turn it on before checking!

And then these adorable cupcakes!

2014-08-08 22.23.29

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