Tutorial: Clipboard Gallery

Browsing Pinterest I was inspired by this pin, this pin, this pin and this pin, which use simple clipboards to display art.

It’s is easy to gather the materials for this Pinspiration and get it done. Off to the dollar store and Michaels I went for some scrapbook paper and 4 clipboards – I decided on two regular sized and two small ones.

The reason I’m posting this tutorial is that when I searched for instructions myself, I landed on some pretty fancy / complicated tutorials that involved mod podge and some filing / sanding .. no thank you. Since these will be hanging the back doesn’t need to be pretty, so I opted to wrap them instead.

So here’s how I did mine:

The challenge is getting around the metal parts. I created a template on regular white paper using a ruler, a pen and a cutter. You can’t easily trace the template, so I relied on actually measuring each piece. Be conservative here – its easy to check the fit and continue making cuts.

2014-08-30 21.07.04

Once the template fits nicely around the metal part, cut out the scrapbook paper.

2014-08-30 21.07.50
Double check to make sure the piece fits tightly around the metal clip. Once you’re pretty close, go ahead and break out your adhesive. I use glue tape on the clipboard and paper, which is easy to apply and doesn’t ruin the paper or create bubbles. Apply it carefully to the corners (see my arrows in the photo below) because this is where they are likely to rip or peel up.

Flip the sheet over and be precise in lining the paper up to the top of the clipboard and around the metal clip before pressing down firmly. Smooth the paper from top to bottom.

Screenshot 2014-09-01 21.06.33
Once I had it all lined up and pressed down, I used my ruler and knife to cut along the edge of the metal part for a tight and clean fit.

2014-08-30 21.12.06

Next, cut off the excess paper. This is the smaller clipboard so a 12×12 sheet left me with plenty of extra. Like wrapping a present, leave enough on the three sides to fold over the back.

2014-08-30 21.15.21

Flip the board over and fold the sides over and bottom up, gluing them down.

2014-08-30 21.17.26

And voila! You’ve got yourself a pretty clipboard to hang, no painting, filing, or mod podge-ing required!

Screenshot 2014-09-01 21.52.50

The regular sized clipboards were the same, but with two pieces of paper as a 12×12 sheet isn’t long enough to cover the board. I opted for contrasting on the top of the bigger ones so I didn’t have to worry about lining up a pattern.

2014-08-30 22.59.23

The best part is that unlike frames, clipboards mean I can easily replace the art as the mood (or season, or holiday) strikes. For the time being, I plan on printing out a few inspirational / motivational printables from my Positive Inspiration Board to hang from my new gallery.

If you make some, let me know what you’re using them for. I’m always looking for inspiration!

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